CUR8: Purchasing Carbon Removal Portfolios
Visual Design
UI/UX Design
3 weeks
Group Project
Class Project
Through our class, me and three other designers worked with GV Porfolio company CUR8 to create a smoother purchasing flow for carbon removal portfolios.
CUR8 is a company that curates custom carbon removal portfolios according to customers' needs and goals. Currently, businesses go through a minimum 6-month process where they must consult with internal stakeholders and representatives from CUR8 to actually make a purchase.

CUR8 sent us the flow of a user generating a portfolio, and we were tasked to continue that flow to allow users to purchase the portfolios that they have created.
We each independently designed two solutions for the brief to get the widest possible spread of ideas for our mid-fidelity wireframe, resulting in 8 separate flows. While we did these independently, we realized that many aspects of our flows overlapped, which helped us decide what would be most intuitive for our first iteration of wireframes.
We then converted these sketches into low-fidelity prototypes, where we went through the typal process of a purchasing flow, with considerations for the unique nature of the portfolio. Notably, we created more types of data visualizations than for a normal purchase, and two, we added an approval stage for the purchaser to be able to get immediate feedback on the portfolio from internal stakeholders and the CUR8 team.
We received feedback from the CUR8 team, our peers, and our instructor in multiple rounds of iterations. Key points received:
• Flesh out the approval stage more
• Add more details in the first portfolio review page
• Aesthetically treat the final review as a receipt
• Add a way for the users to learn more about types of carbon removal solutions
After fully fleshing out our low fidelity prototypes, we developed a style guide based on CUR8’s existing styling, and then we created high fidelity prototypes. After presenting this version to CUR8’s team, we made an additional round of revisions.

Interact with the prototype below. The designs begin on step 5 because the flow provided to us ended on step 4. You walk through the purchasing process, having generated a portfolio with different amounts and types of carbon removal projects in your portfolio. You can then send that process for approval, review the steps, and submit a purchase request.
Overall, this was a fun process with my teammates and a wonderful learning experience. If given more time, I would have loved to be able to interview a potential customer to better understand their needs rather than speaking only with CUR8 and our peers.